Who am I? Well, that’s an open-ended question, let’s start with my personality. I’m a passionate perfectionist and my own worst critic. Good enough isn’t in my vocabulary; I’ve always said, “If you are going to do something, do it right.”

I am the proud owner of an award-winning design firm, Scarlet Designs, based in Nashville, TN. We specialize in kitchen and bathroom renovation, high-end design and DIY projects. While running this business keeps me busy, I can always find time to pursue my second career as a writer. Before the founding of Scarlet Designs, I spent 18 years as an Aesthetician and Makeup Artist, which gave me my keen eye for color that translates into interior design and helped mold my personal marketing skills.

I spent 3 years writing weekly decorating articles for Zillow’s HotPads Blog and custom content for Trulia’s marketing team.  Several of my articles have generated thousands of hits to the HotPads site and have ranked in the top ten of all articles published by HotPads. Please view my HotPads’ Author page here for a complete list of articles published and view my full portfolio at Contently.

Also, I am a student of SNHU’S online studies program, pursuing a Bachelors in Communications and Marketing. As a self-employed individual, I have been the sole marketer for my many business ventures and consider myself to be somewhat of a marketing guru.

While I am comfortable in my professional career, writing and marketing have always been my greatest love. Writing gives me a sense of calm; I am able to reflect and share with others the many seeds of knowledge I have garnered over the years.



  • HotPads – Author of weekly decorating articles.
  • Trulia’s Custom Content team. Third-party blogs – sample.
  • Greater Nashville House & Home & Garden – Article contributor.
  • Design and Build Interiors – Business plans for a startup, web content and brand building.
  • MFS Services – Brand building, website content and SEO consulting.
  • Boite a Tresors  – Brand building, Etsy shop content, and marketing consulting.
  • Mike’s Custom Painting – Web design, website content and marketing.
  • Johnson Property Maintenance – Web design, website content and marketing.
  • Scarlet Designs – Owner, lead designer, project manager, brand building, web design, website content, and marketing.
  • #WalkAway Campaign – Marketing plan for a startup, web development, newsroom, and social media content.