How To Add That “Pop Of Color” To Any Room

Does the introduction of color to your home’s decor make you nervous? For some people, decorating with neutral shades of beige feels safe, but a successfully designed home needs a hint of color.

A few well placed pops of color makes all the difference in a neutral room; these neutral spaces are just begging for that unexpected touch of color. This can be achieved with the simple addition of textiles, paint, artwork and accessories.

Get inspired with these designer rooms infused with perfect pops of color:


color house of turquoise com

Like any great outfit, adding color to a room is as simple as accessorizing with your favorite colors. Place vases, bowls, and platters on tables, shelves and counters to break up an endless sea of white.

Vivid Color 2

Bold color used as an accent in a neutral space adds a little drama. This effect can be achieved with vivid shades of pink, lime green, purple, orange or turquoise.

Unexpected Pops of Color

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Do the unexpected! Paint a single stool or book shelf to add a touch of whimsy. Artwork is another great way to embrace color in a neutral space.

Rule Of Three

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In the bedroom, adding color is as simple as adding pillows, a throw blanket across the foot of the bed and a splash of color with flowers in glass vases.

 The Rule of Three is an interior design trick-of-the-trade – place the color you have chosen as your accent color in 3 areas of the room. This gives the room a professionally decorated and  cohesive look.”

Bold Statement 

color designshuffle

By adding one large piece of furniture in a bold color, the room takes on a completely different feel. The lively color of the sofa is just the statement this room needed.

Add Color With Spray Paint 1

Adding color to an eat-in kitchen is easy and fun. The dining table is most likely the largest piece of furniture in the room and will make the biggest statement. With a can of spray paint and Tips For A Flawless Finish you can add your favorite color to that neutral space. Feel free to change the color as your mood changes; it’s just paint!

Header photo: I See Cubed
Published by – February 2015