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Recreate Christian Grey’s Apartment

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Fifty Shades Of Grey is one of the year’s most anticipated films. The film is the adaption of E.L. James’ steamy romance novel about a high-powered billionaire, Christian Grey and college student, Anastasia Steele.

For some, the buzz around this film has been less about the plot and more about the incredible set design created by lead designer, C. Scott Baker. Baker is a veteran Hollywood set designer with an impressive resume including Avatar, Thor, Ocean’s Thirteen, and Star Trek.

During a Q & A with Elle Decor, Baker explained how they chose the luxurious modern style for Christian Grey’s apartment. “Christian is a very interesting and compelling character – understanding who he is and what the story is saying about his person informs his environment. The space is incredibly modern – I wouldn’t say cold, but impersonal – a controlled environment,” concluded Baker.

Luxury furniture retailer Boco Do Lobo and brand partners Koket, Brabbu, and DelightFULL were commissioned to transform the luxury high-rise apartment into a space fitting of Grey’s character.

Christian Grey’s Apartment

50 prweb com

50 lonny com

50 koket com bedroom

50 lonny com kitchen

Recreating This Look Of Luxury

The bad news – furnishings of this quality and extreme luxury comes with a hefty price tag. Not to mention, you will have to wait weeks (if not months) to receive one of these custom pieces from Koket, Brabbu, or DelightFULL.  The good news – there are several budget friendly alternatives to some of these amazing pieces at a fraction of what an original would cost. For example…

Christian Grey’s Guilt Mirror by Koket

 50koket mirror

 The Alternative…

50 propac images sunburst mirror

 Propac Images Sunburst Mirror $74

Christian Grey’s Sequoia Coffee Table by Brabbu

50 Brabbu sequoia coffe table

50 interiordesigngiants com
The Alternative…

50 coffee table uncommongoods com
Teak Root Coffee Table $495

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