Shopping For Ceiling Fans


These are not your grandparent’s ceiling fans. Ceiling fans were once an eyesore; they were noisy, wobbly and just plain ugly. Today’s generation of ceiling fans are quiet, safe and come in inspiring designer styles.

Why do you need a ceiling fan?

  • Ceiling fans keep you cool; ceiling fans circulate the air and create a breeze which makes you feel cooler, even though the room temperature remains the same.
  • Ceiling fans save money; central air conditioning is expensive to run and does nothing for air circulation. By using ceiling fans along with the air conditioning, you can set the thermostat a little higher and still be cooler and save money.
  • Ceiling fans offer an additional light source; all rooms need fill light (light that comes from above) to illuminate the body of the room.

What type of ceiling fan do you need?

  • Ceiling fans should be 7-8 feet above the floor. Low ceilings require a flush mount or semi-flush mount fan; extension poles are available for taller than average ceiling heights.
  • Fan blade spans range from 29 – 72  inches. The most popular size being the 52 inch model. To determine the correct size for your room, measure the square footage of your space. (100 sq. ft. room requires a 36” fan, 200 sq. ft. room requires a 44” fan, 300 sq. ft. room requires a 52” fan and rooms over 450 sq ft will require the extra large fan options).
  • Most fans come with the added convenience of a remote to control the fan’s speed and to turn on/off the fan’s light.  Tech savvy people will approve of the newest in fan controls, Fanimation Fan Sync, the first Iphone and Android app that controls your ceiling fan though the smartphone’s bluetooth.

3 Fantastic Ceiling Fans On Sale Now!

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