Greenify Your Space

Are you a killer of houseplants? The biggest culprit in killing the houseplant is simply forgetting to water it.

Woollypocket’s Living Wall Systems have made it literally impossible to kill a houseplant planted in one of their self-watering pocket planters. It’s the easiest way to add greenery to your home or office.

Health and Houseplants – We should surround ourselves with house plants, as they make our interior spaces fresher and the air quality better. Houseplants have been proven to filter out certain waste products produced by humans as we breathe. Rooms filled with houseplants contain 50 percent less airborne mold spores and bacteria compared to rooms void of houseplants, lessening allergy related illnesses.

woolly pocket

The Wall Garden

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The Herb Garden


The Planter

woolly pocket succulent

The Succulent Garden

Which plants to use?

A combination of trailing and compact plants will yield the most interesting of designs. Do not strive for symmetry in your plantscape design; plants don’t grow that way in nature. Start by inserting the trailing vines, followed by lush plants and finally fill in the bare spots with compact plants. When combining plants in the same planter, make note of water needs listed on the plant care tag; succulents will need far less water than traditional houseplants. Finally, trim away dead leaves and vines periodically to make room for new growth.

Examples of beautiful and easy-to-care-for houseplants:

Trailing – Philodendron and English Ivy.

Lush – Fern, Peace Lily and Pothos.

Compact – Succulent, Peperomia and Shamrock Plant.

Where to buy?

Woollypocket’s Living Wall Systems may be purchased online at Learn more about Wollypocket in this fun, informative video.

Is it possible to purchase houseplants that ship right to your door? Yes, it is! Visit Amazon for the largest selection and best prices of house plants online.


All photo credits: Woollypocket
Published by September 2014