Vintage Decorating

vintage coop 15 architecture

“Retro is to Vintage as Vintage is to Antique.”

What is Vintage design? The actual definition of vintage describes the year in which wine, especially wine of high quality, was produced.

Meanwhile, the term Vintage was hijacked by the design industry to reflect retro, mid-century or antique decor. My definition of Vintage is anything originating in a previous era, seemingly old, timeless and just plain “cool”.

To embrace the vintage look in your home, you will want to do some research first. Read the Buyer’s Guide To Vintage by Home Life to get started, this guide has everything you ever wanted to know about finding and shopping Vintage items. Accessorizing with Vintage decor completes a Vintage design; use old typewriters, Polaroid cameras, and corded phones to set the tone.

Enjoy this “Ode To Vintage” photo gallery; no two rooms are alike, each one is a masterpiece of Vintage design in it’s own right:

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Vintage finds can be rare and expensive, but Vintage Tent by Second Shout Out sells Vintage finds for very reasonable prices starting at just $50.

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Coop 15 Architecture  Photo credit: Envy Interiors. Photo credit: Coddington Designs. Photo credit: Jessica Helgerson Interior Design. Photo credit: Sarah Greenman. Photo credit: Andrew Snow Photography. Photo credit: Up Interiors. Photo credit: Vital Design Photo credit: Old Brand New Blog
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