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Soothing Shades Of Blue in Bedroom Decor

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The color blue suggests calm, serenity and relaxation; no wonder so many people use blue in their bedroom’s color scheme.

  • When asked, most people choose blue as their favorite color.
  • In Chinese culture, blue represents immortality.
  • Inspired by nature, blue is the sky and sea.
  • Blue in one’s surroundings is known to decrease blood pressure and slow metabolism.

A blue monochromatic color scheme is the essence of tranquility; to spice up your room and lift your spirits, consider adding a splash of color.

Feeling Blue 

blue jenkins baer

Photo credit: Jenkins Baer

A monochromatic color scheme is the use of several shades and tones of the same color. This color scheme is pleasing to the eye and lacks distraction. The monochromatic color scheme is considered masculine, especially with the use of darker shades of blue.

Green with Envy 

bed crisp architects

Photo credit: Crisp Architects

Green is a complimentary color to blue; both green and blue are cool tones and provide a sense of serenity to the room.

A Burst of Orange 

blue and orange

Photo credit: Meredith Heron Design

Orange is the polar opposite of blue on the color wheel and gives great contrast to a blue color scheme. A touch of orange warms up this otherwise cool palette.

Patterns in Black 

blue mary prince photography

Photo credit: Mary Prince Photography

Add some interest to a serene color scheme with graphic patterns in black to make a bold statement.

Purple Passion 

bed rachel reider interiors

Photo credit: Rachel Reider Interiors

By adding purple to a blue color scheme, you’ve just bumped up the tranquility another notch, as these cool colors harmonize together.

Sensational in Red 

bed cynthia marks interiors

Photo credit: Cynthia Marks Interiors

Red is the one color that brings energy and vibrancy into a blue color scheme. Complete the room with a lovable bull-dog for good measure – why not?

Choosing a paint color

Best selling shades of pale blue by Benjamin Moore and the Coastal Cool Collection by Sherwin Williams.

Header photo credit: Martha O’Hara Designs
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