Decorating And Storage Ideas For A Small Bathroom

A bathroom renovation can be an expensive undertaking, but a bathroom decorating project is a budget-friendly way to spruce up even the smallest of rooms. You spend a considerable amount of time in your bathroom. This space should be as beautiful and functional as the rest of your home.  Small bathrooms are usually low on storage space, use these inspiring storage ideas to create your one-of-a-kind power room.

 Concealed Storage

bath black band design

Photo credit: Black Band Design

 A wall mounted storage cabinet with doors installed over the toilet hides away all those bathroom items that you don’t want in plain site. A vanity with drawers has more storage than the standard vanity with doors only. A recessed medicine cabinet gives even more storage and takes up little space.

Toilet Tank Storage

bath minor details design

Photo credit: Minor Details Design

 Any flat surface in a small bath is fair game. Stack folded towels on the toilet tank itself and use a hanging toilet paper holder. Hang a hand towel from an over cabinet towel bar or a hook attached directly to the vanity.

 The Pedestal Sink

bath paul maina builders

Photo credit: Paul Maina Builders

Visually, a pedestal sink in a small bath is best, it keeps the area from looking cramped. But you lose storage and counter space. Use wall-mounted hooks for towels, toilet rolls and even the soap dispenser to free up the counter for other items. Consider installing a glass shelf over the sink to keep the sink completely free of clutter.

Industrial Wall Mounted Sink

bath moment design and productions

Photo Credit: Moment Design & Productions

 An alternate to the pedestal sink is the wall-mounted industrial style vanity. This option gives you more counter space and leaves the floor area open for storage containers and even a step stool.

Hotel Luxury At Home

bath shelly chung design

Photo credit: Shelly Chung Design

 Even a small bathroom can have the feeling of a luxury hotel suite. This room has a neutral color scheme complemented by a black lacquered vanity cabinet and wall mounted medicine cabinet. Add a colorful shower curtain with tie-back and a river stone bath mat. Learn how to make your own river stone bath mat at Tattooed Martha.

Catch Up On A Good Book

bath smith and vasant arch

Photo credit: Smith & Vansant

 This space-saving wall insert is a brilliant use of space. This area could also used for toiletries, rolls of paper, towels and decor.

Economical space saving bathroom accessories:

bath caddy urban outfitters

Photo credit: Urban Outfitters

Water Closet Caddy $36 Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser $29 Hanging Toilet Paper Holder $14 Inside Cabinet Hair Dryer Holder $12 Over Cabinet Towel Bar $8 Bathroom Glass Shelf $49 Wall Storage Cabinet $49

 Header photo credit: Restoration Hardware