Creating an Eclectic Decor

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An Eclectic designed room combines elements or styles from different time periods and different origins within a single project. By pairing together Louis XVI dining chairs, an Art Nouveau writing desk and even a modern sofa you are on your way to creating an Eclectic living space.

The key to successfully decorating an Eclectic styled room is to use high quality furnishings. Only the best-of-the-best will do, no cheap imitations please. These furnishings should stand the test of time and will be passed down for generations.

Color (sometimes vivid color) is an important component in Eclectic design. There is no true color palette, but the many shades and tones work together flawlessly. The use of timeless metals are embraced in Eclectic design. Brass, chrome, bronze and stainless steel are all welcome additions to this style of decorating.

“An Eclectic designed home should be your own personal museum with collections that speak directly to you.”

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What do these rooms have in common? Absolutely nothing! Eclectic designs are original works of art in their own right. Each room tells a story of the owner’s travels, family’s heritage, lifestyle and interests.

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Published by June 2014