Decorate With Things You Already Have

Decorating your home does not have to be expensive or have you running all over town making purchases. Most likely you already have items that can be used to decorate stashed in a closet. Your parent’s attic is another great place to search out decor for your home. What seems tired or worn out will take on new life in a new setting with a little tender loving care.

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Reupholster an old bench with a stylish fabric and use as a coffee table. Bring out a blanket and drape it across the back of the sofa. Use a serving tray and adorn with a bud vase and a single flower. Dust off those large hardcover books and use them in your decor.


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Hardcover books with or without dust covers are a beautiful addition to any room. Use books within your color scheme or shop for books at your local used book store. These books can be placed in stacks on a coffee table, night stand, entryway console or stacked on bookshelves.

Family Photos

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Who better to beautify your home than the people you adore. Enlarge some treasured photos from 20 years ago or yesterday. Place in matted frames – Voila – instant art. Hang on walls in a gallery style or line bookcases and consoles with these timeless photos.

Pantry Items

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Open that pantry and pull out those serving platters, pitchers and even grandma’s gravy boat. Let’s face it, we never use these items, so let’s use them as decor.


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Give those old throw pillows a makeover with pillow covers. Pillow covers come in several sizes and fit most standard throw pillows. They can be purchases at retailers such as: Lowe’s and Bed Bath & Beyond.


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Do you have a funky collection? Odd items that you love become an artistic element when displayed in a collection. The more the merrier – you may need to add a few more pieces to the collection before they are display ready.


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Fill glass hurricanes with or without a candle insert, with fun items found around the house. We love the look of wine corks in glass hurricanes displayed on a bookshelf or on the kitchen counter. Golf balls, pine cones, coffee beans and sea shells make a great statement as to the personality of the residents.



Pull an old blanket out of the linen closet. Fold it and place at the foot of the bed to add new color to a bedroom. Mimic that new color with flowers or artwork.


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Dig out those small trinkets you have stashed in drawers, closets and under the bed. Small trinkets and figurines spray painted in one harmonious color instantly become a collection of sorts. Display among stacked books and framed art.


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Fresh cut flowers from your yard or a local vendor is an easy way to decorate your home. Place flowers in any type of vessel including a ceramic pitcher or an antique urn. Place these bundles of happiness on tables or a bookshelf.

As you can see, there are numerous items in your home that could be re-purposed into decor. To make the search for these items entertaining, consider it a scavenger hunt. Ready – Set – Hunt!


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