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Bali-Inspired Decorating For Your Home

Are you ready for a vacation? How does a week long stay at a beautiful Indonesian resort sound? Fantastic, right? Until you see the price tag. For a fraction of the cost of an all-inclusive resort stay, you could redecorate your home – Bali style.

Bali is a small island in the province of Indonesia and continues to top the list of “The best island destinations in the world.” Bali is renowned for it’s diverse and sophisticated art forms, such as painting, sculpture, woodcarving and handcrafted decor.

Balinese natives were influenced by Indian and Chinese cultures, which is why Asian decor is common in Balinese design. Asian decor is readily available in most areas, so working this into your decorating project, will make for an easier shopping experience.

The Look

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The Bali look is a mixture of rich textures from nature: mahogany, teak, leather, cane, bamboo and grasses are at the forefront of this decorating style. Don’t forget the palms, they are everywhere in Bali, so you may as well embrace them and work them into your decor.

Dining in Bali

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In Bali, dining room furniture and patio furniture are synonymous. Bring the outdoors in with a teak or mahogany table and chair set. Accent with bamboo place mats and a centerpiece of fresh tropical flowers. The use of Orchids or Bird-of-Paradise, which are indigenous to Indonesia, provides that island vacation feel year round.

Sleeping in Bali – The Canopy

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Bali resorts use crisp white linens as bedding. Netting is hung from canopies or descends from the ceiling. It is there to keep the insects away from sleeping tourists who have chosen to leave the windows open and let the Balinese breeze soothe them to sleep.

The netting hung from the canopy serves a purpose in Bali, but at home it’s just decor and adds a touch of romance to your bedroom. Tie the netting back at each corner to keep from tripping over it in the dark.

The Bali Bath

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Bathrooms are most luxurious in Bali resorts. The next time you have overnight guests, impress them by recreating this feeling in your home. Fill the tub halfway with water and toss in handfuls of flower petals. Roll white bath towels and leave them out on the countertop or in a basket. Add a few Orchids to complete the feel of a luxury resort bath.

Teak is the most common wood used in bathrooms, due to it’s high oil content and ability to repel water. Fortunately, teak is also incredibly beautiful. Add a teak stool to your shower or a teak bath mat to step on when you exit your tub. Both items can be found at Teakworks4u.

Shop the Bali Look: – World Fair Trade  – Search Indonesian, Asian, or Balinese furnishings to find unique pieces for your home.

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Need more inspiration to recreate your island paradise? Get inspired with Pinterest.


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