How to Decorate Nooks and Alcoves

Apartment hunting can be a daunting task. You’ve looked at so many disappointments, you are beginning to feel defeated. Then it happens – you find the perfect location near all of your favorites shops and cafe, but it has an unusual layout with funny little areas that appear to be wasted space. Don’t let this “flaw” run you off – embrace it! Those funny little niches have tons of character. With a little creativity these areas may end up being your favorite space in the apartment.

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The above space became a reading nook with a plush lounge cushion, pillows and a reading lamp. The window just happens to be placed perfectly in this space of retreat. Here you can work on your laptop, read a book or just enjoy the view.

Space for a Desk

These funky alcove areas are the perfect space for a desk, vanity or wet bar. You would be amazed what you can fit in a 3 foot wide space. If you choose to use this area as a desk – attach a reading lamp to the wall and add shelves for books.

Space for the Kids

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The apartment only has 2 bedrooms, where to put the kids? Bunk beds tucked away in an area no bigger than a closet is a cozy and secluded rest area. This leaves the floor open for play time. Drape the front of the beds from floor to ceiling for an even cozier feel.

Space for a Guest

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If you came upon this apartment, would you think to yourself – “What would I ever do with this space?” This alove area just needs a mattress, pillows and some bedding.  Voila – space for an overnight guest!

Space for Books

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These shallow alcoves are great storage for books or a place to display family photos. Use floating ledge shelves and install them in a staggered pattern to allow clearance of taller items.

Visit Pinterest for more ideas on decorating nooks, alcoves and niches.

Published by March 2014