Budget-Friendly Decorating with a Designer Look

Do you want your home to look like the cover a magazine? Is your budget holding you back from obtaining what you really want? High-end decor is beautiful, but is it budget friendly? Sadly, it is not. You could easily spend several thousand dollars to decorate just one room in your home.

Follow these simple interior design tips to learn how to get the look of designer furnishings without emptying your bank account. You can recreate a designer look at a fraction of the cost.

  1. Examine magazine photos of the rooms you love, look at every detail down to what is inside the bowl on the coffee table.

  2. Pick an item and start shopping online with tag words such as; “green velvet curtains”, “black armless chair”, “silver floor lamp”, etc. Your search will return items that fit your criteria with prices that vary from several hundred dollars to less than one hundred dollars.

  3. Read the reviews! It’s not a deal if the item breaks easily or is hard to assemble.

  4. Make your purchase and plan the layout. If you can copy the layout in the photo – great. You may need to make adjustments to fit your home accordingly.

  5. Follow the photo for guidance on picture hanging height, accessory placement and where to add light fixtures.

A designer look on a budget is obtainable. You do not have to spend a lot to get the look in your home, but it does require a little bit of shopping savvy. Take your time and do your research, the room of your dreams is just over the horizon.

Look to Zillow Digs for inspiration of designer rooms or one of my favorite Pinterest boards named “Favorite Designers” to inspire your budget friendly rooms.

Published (In Part) by HotPads.com March 2014