Use Feng Shui In The Design of Your Home

The ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui has helped millions of people around the world in promoting a sense of calm by maximizing positive energy in their homes. The translation of Feng Shui is wind and water. The ancient people had an understanding of nature and that the land is alive and filled with energy or “Chi”. Using Feng Shui correctly can be a rewarding task in changing the balance and flow of energy in your home.

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The topic of Feng Shui is extensive and complicated. One could spend months educating themselves on all of the rules and knowing the differences between rules that must be executed exactly versus rules that can be broken.

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Here are a few simple suggestions to bring the Feng Shui art of positive energy into your home:

De-clutter the Room – Clutter in the home restricts the flow of positive energy. Items that are broken and unused should be eliminated from your space.

Positioning Furniture – People should sit with their backs against a wall whenever possible. Never place a sofa or chair with the back facing the entry door, as this restricts the flow of energy. Beds should not be placed in front of a window, this will block natural light from entering the room. Natural light is a very important aspect of Feng Shui.

Install a Water Feature – A small fountain in the living area of the home will promote feelings of relaxation and harmony. Water is the ancient symbol for wealth and prosperity.

Hang Mirrors – Positive energy is bounced around the room with the use of mirrors. Be mindful,  there are a couple of important rules to be aware of. Never place a mirror across from a door or a window, as this will reflect the “Chi” right out of the room. Mirrors should never be hung on a West wall.

Keep Work and Rest Areas Separate – Work material kept in the bedroom will result in the prevention of a good night’s sleep. Keep your rooms defined to living and sleeping areas.

Bring Live Plants Inside – Positive energy flows freely through living things, which is why plants and flowers are a very important component of Feng Shui. The opposite is true with dead plants and flowers. Never use “dried flowers” as part of your decor and replace dying plants immediately.

Color in Decor – Feng Shui gives significance to color and each color symbolizes different things. Red/Luck, Orange/Social, Yellow/Power, Green/Life, Purple/Wealth, and White/Purity.

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There are 5 elements important to the success of “Chi”. Here are a few decorating ideas to assist in incorporating these elements into your home.

Metal – Decor made of metal – decorative wall hangings are a great way to introduce metal.

Earth – A collection of stones or small rocks in a decorative bowl.

Water – Achieved with a small bubbling water fountain.

Fire – No fireplace? Candles are a simple alternative.

Wood – Solid wood tables, chairs or other furnishings, avoid laminate.

There are several inspiring books dedicated to the art of Feng Shui available online or at your favorite book store. Pinterest is great place to find inspiration and decorating ideas to transform your home into your very own Feng Shui retreat.

Published by HotPads.com December 2013