How to Decorate a Small Space

In today’s urban environments, square footage usually comes at a premium. For this reason, cost-conscious consumers are opting for smaller spaces, but they need those spaces to be functional. By using space planning, furniture placement and color creatively, your small space can feel cozy and intimate instead of cramped and unusable.

Follow along to learn how these small space dwellers made their spaces feel like home.

Use one color to make a space feel larger


Photo Credit: Sealy Design Inc.

The use of one color in different shades is called “monochromatic”. Monochromatic color schemes make the room appear larger as there is continuity, which is pleasing to the eye. This room managed to fit seating for 7 within a space no more than 10 feet wide. A small coffee table leaves plenty of room for foot traffic.

Keep the walkway open


Photo Credit: Helene Dabrowski Interiors

This room keeps the walkway clear for traffic, but at the same time completely functional for reading and TV viewing. By painting the walls a light neutral shade, the room automatically feels larger. Bring in a few of your favorite things to make the room a reflection of you, but keep it minimal, as clutter can take over quickly.

How to place a dining room table in a small space


Photo Credit: Pavel Burmakin

Space planning is essential to the flow of a room. By pushing the dining table against the wall, you open the walkway and flow of the entire space, while still being able to seat 5 comfortably for dinner. Restaurants have incorporated this concept to seat as many people as possible within a confined space.

Use space wisely


Photo Credit: Bill Fry Construction

If you don’t use those closed door cabinets every day, this is the perfect solution for that over-sized sofa you just had to have. This room displays everything you will need on a daily basis, but hides away the things you rarely use. The use of a small coffee table makes it easy to walk around this room.

Consider dual use rooms


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Two words – Murphy Bed. office by day, bedroom by night. Murphy beds were introduced in the early 1900’s. Style and comfort have continued to improve over the years making this the ideal solution for a dual-use room. Many people need an office at home, but taking over the guest room isn’t always an option. Murphy beds solve this dilemma in a stylish and completely functional way.

How to decorate a nook


Photo Credit: Maria Killam Interiors

Those seemingly unusable spaces are untapped real estate. Consider using these spaces for a small home office, wet bar, nursery or a quiet reading nook. Get more creative ideas for your nook space on Pinterest or Zillow Digs.

Published by 11/2013