6 Creative Storage Solutions for the Space Challenged

Have you ever walked into the kitchen to cook a meal and decided to order out? Have you ever tried to work at your desk with stacks of paper staring back at you, not knowing where to start to organize it? If you said yes to either question, then these creative storage solutions may be what you’ve been looking for.

In today’s world, it’s easy to get over run with “stuff”. We all have a collection of “things” we may need later, so we never throw them out. We all have magazines, personal documents and those ever evolving electronics (and the power cords that go with them) stashed all over our homes. Our place of retreat can become cluttered with items we don’t need on a daily basis. So…where do we store them?

Drawers in the Staircase

Pic 3 zsarchitects

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Storage lies in places you’ve never thought of before. For example, replacing risers with drawers in the bottom steps of a staircase. Chances are there is nothing behind these areas other than dead space. This, by far, has got to be the most brilliant storage idea yet!

Storage and Seating

Pic 2 hotrenopins

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A storage bench can be built under any window in any room or in the dining area instead of chairs along the wall. Baskets stored under the bench can be filled with toys, games, office supplies, just about anything you can think of. This solution not only clears away the clutter but provides additional seating. Add a few seat pillows or have a custom bench pillow made with your favorite fabric to match your decor.

Small Closet = Mega Storage

Pic 1 capitol closets

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This small closet off of a bathroom was transformed into an exceptional storage area. Complete with pull out clothes hamper, and plenty of room for towels, paper rolls, tissue, and all those endless bath items. Try adding a curtain in the doorway that can be easily tied back and pulled closed when not in use.

Storage over Doors

Pic 4 theprettybee

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Bathrooms are notorious for lack of storage. The over the door shelf clears the counters and is an interesting design element as well. The shelf could also be used to store towels. Be sure to keep a small step stool handy if you will be using these items daily.

Build a Pantry

Pic 5 dwell

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In the words of my favorite designer and small space guru, Christopher Lowell, “If you can’t build out, build up”. A pantry is a must in the kitchen, but if your home does not have one, here is a perfect example of using the space you have. Above a doorway pantry is the perfect solution for can goods, paper goods or wine and spirits. Again, you will want to have that step stool handy.

Put a Drawer in Bench Seat

Pic 6 normandy

Photo Credit http://www.normandyremodeling.com

These dining nook bench seats house sliding drawers. This is perfect storage for small appliances, canisters, plastic storage containers or holiday dining decor. A custom made drawer could be up to 3 feet deep. Imagine the amount of storage this would bring to your kitchen.

A wise friend once said to me – “If you are unorganized at home, you are unorganized in life”. That was some of the best advice I ever received. Getting organized did change my life, give it a try, you most likely will agree.

Most of these projects will require a skilled handyman or carpenter. Home improvement experts in your area can be found on Zillow Digs. Find more amazing storage solutions on Pinterest.

Published by HotPads.com 12/2013